De Paul School


Home Page Final


The primary objective of my project was to create a website that is well aligned with the brand direction and school culture. My design goals included developing an intuitive UI/UX experience that would allow users to easily access to each pages.


Project requirements established by the client included a simple, clean and attractive design. They asked me to develop an aesthetically appealing color scheme and typographic layout. The project had to be cost efficient and finished before deadline. My website needed to have search engine optimization.



About Page

Wireframes - Creation 

For my wireframes, I created two demos of the home page using Photoshop. The first demo I made got approval from the customer with some changes. Once I had client approval, I developed more mockups of other pages on the site.


Job searching and submission application Page


Inner Page Image Header


The primary challenge I faced involved acquiring necessary source materials from the client. My customer did not send me the resources I required in a timely fashion. When they did send me image files, they were too low resolution for me to use.


After discussing the issue with my client, they eventually delivered to me all the materials and resources that I required.


Inner content Page

Roles & Responsibilities

My individual role for this project involved front end responsibilities including creating wireframes, composing comps, and prototyping HTML5 and CSS3 code. I also helped my programming team with back end development.


Contact Page


The customer was fully satisfied with the final result because the project was completed on time and it did not go over budget. My client gave me positive reviews on the website functionally and design aesthetic of my finished product.